maanantai 21. maaliskuuta 2011

Three pieces of La vie en rose plus a bonus! / Kolme kappaletta digisetistä ja bonus!

My new best friend Elaine has been working hard commenting my posts and helping me on posting more freebies! :-) Thank you Elaine, you make my day! Today I should be working on my portfolio because I'm really intending to look for a job, so I will combine my posts today and give you all three freebies plus a bonus rose that isn't part of the digikit. I hope you can find some use for these! These are all for personal use, not to be republished or sold. If you use these for your artistic layouts, I would love to see the result! :-) This background paper is 12" x 12" and other files are pretty large too.

Uusi paras kaverini Elaine on pitänyt kiirettä kommentoidessaan postauksiani ja auttaessaan näin uusien kuvien julkaisussa. Iso Kiitos Elainelle! Tänään minun tulisi keskittyä portfolioni väsäämiseen, sillä minun todellakin täytyisi etsiä töitä elääkseni, joten tänään yhdistän kaikki kolme kappaletta samaan postiin ja lisään kaupanpäällisiksi vielä yhden ruusun, joka ei kuulu tähän digisettiin. Ehkä sille silti löytyy käyttöä. Nämä ovat kaikki edelleen vain henkilökohtaiseen käyttöön. Tiedostot ovat suurikokoisia. Jos käytät näitä johonkin, olisin todella ilahtunut, jos saisin nähdä lopputuloksen! :-)

7 kommenttia:

  1. Susie -

    You are so funny, you just are so sweet. I hope the job hunt goes well for you sweetie. And thank you so much for the digital images. They are beautiful.

    Elaine Allen

  2. Thank you for the wonderful stuff!:D I'm using one of your graphics in this ATC:

  3. Oops, I remembered wrong the maker of the heart mentioned in my earlier comment.;) It wasn't yours. But thank you for the wonderful stuff anyway and I have some of it printed already to be used in ATC making.:)

  4. I just found you for the first time. I am now a follower. I love, love, love your style. Thank you for the freebies. Keep them coming. Judy

  5. Hi Susie... Just found your blog here. Thank you so much for the beautiful images!!! Are you still creating???
    Love and hugs,

  6. This pink kit is just adorable! It will make a pretty layout for my granddaughter! Tahnk you!


  7. Thanks you all for your heartwarming comments. :-) Unfortunately I haven't been doing any new creations for a very long time. That's actually due to the fact that I got a new computer, moved to another location and started gardening. ;-) Maybe it's time to get back to my desk now. At least I have to post the rest of the digikit since you have been so nice leaving me comments. :-)


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