maanantai 17. toukokuuta 2010

New Yahoo ATC Group / Uusi Yahoo-ryhmä ATC-korttien vaihtoon (englanninkielinen)

I received an invitation from Mary Garcia who is starting a new group to swap hand drawn and / or painted ATCs. I'm publishing her invitation with her permission. If you enjoy drawing or painting, this might be for YOU.


If you're interested, I'm trying to start a new Yahoo ATC group dedicated to ATC artists who create cards that contain part or all of the card witha hand drawn or painted element. Artists may still do collages, mixed media, etc., but somewhere on the card, the artist must include something that she drew or painted by hand. Additionally, the card may be entirely hand drawn or painted.

The link to the group site is this:

Please consider joining my group. I hope, with time, that the group will grow and will encompass ATC artists from all skill levels, all ages, and interests. Also, if you don't mind, can you forward this message to others that you know who might be interested in hand drawn/painted ATC cards? Thank you and I hope that you consider joining my group.

As soon as I get at least 25 members, I will then begin posting swaps. As a pioneer member, you may also host swaps as soon as we have at least 25 members.

Sincerely, Mary Garcia

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