keskiviikko 11. elokuuta 2010

Dare to leave a comment for a freebie?

I have stated out in my header pic that I will give out freebies for COMMENTS. Yet very few people have courage enough to leave one! Or maybe the rest of the people downloading stuff are just too lazy, I know... ;-) So let's start a game to encourage the rest of you. I'm a person who likes to interact with others and I do welcome any comments and suggestions. Also, if you have some finished pieces containing material that you have downloaded from this blog, I would LOVE to see it. This means, if you have a blog or a web gallery and you want to show your work, just link it back to the post containing the original download or just simply leave a comment with your own link! I do moderate my comments, but so far there has never been any that I would have needed to delete, so unless you're extremely rude I'm sure your comment will be published. :-)

This is the deal: I have made a digital design kit of some material I made earlier this year with a theme "La vie en rose" that was suggested by my dear friend France. I will release each piece for a comment. So the more comments the more content! After all the items have been published, I will then make the digikit downloadable at some place so that it can be downloaded all at once (or as multiple zip files as it is quite large as a single file...). The more people commenting each post the faster the items will be published. Anyone interested? 

The starter piece is for Kalyber who was the only person commenting my previous post. Please remember that everything is only for personal use, not to be harvested for collections, not to be sold or distributed by anyone but myself. You are welcome to link to this post (not hotlinks though). And please, don't spam. :-D One comment from each one per post. ;-)

This is a 12"x12" scrapbook paper for your personal projects.
Click on the image to open the downloadable size.

4 kommenttia:

  1. I will try to comment more! You are extremely generous to give out such lovely digital goodies. When I make something using your work I will make sure to send you a link. Thank you so much!

  2. This rose paper/background is beautiful; so dreamy and romantic. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh I just love your work Susie !!!

    You and I need to exchange some ATC'S soon !

  4. Thank you France! I guess I should make some ATCs first, as my ATC gallery doesn't have too much variety at the present. ;-) Unless you fancy butterflies?


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