perjantai 6. elokuuta 2010

Flickr pool for FREE Collage Images

Figure 86 Madame de Stael original upload by Kalyber
One of the images found on the Collage Images

I have no idea how come I haven't seen this before, but there is an excellent Flickr pool for artists to share free public domain images to use in collage art. You have to be a Flickr member and join the group too in order to be able to view and download images, but I guess those are pretty little steps to take as the pool has amazing count of 31,326 items and that number is naturally growing as people add more images. Also the good point is that the recommendation for the images added is high 300 dpi resolution which is great for artistic work.

TheCollage Images

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  1. Thanks Susie. I know the list grows by 12 each Wednesday because that's when I load a dozen more images.


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