perjantai 6. elokuuta 2010

Free and colourful envelope

I haven't been much for anything lately. I finally got all the furniture I need and I have been lucky (or just extremely patient) looking for them as the most expensive one cost only 15 €. That was a cupboard with glass doors, but I will have to cover the doors from inside (with some art maybe?) as I'm using it for storing the toys and it's not a pleasant sight... There's still work to be done on some of the articles, but for now on I'm just happy for not needing to go after more. I'm now well familiarized with every second hand store and flea market in my area.

So last weekend I finally got my hands on the task that has been waiting to be done, and that was framing some ATCs. I happened to have some frames ready at hand, and I used them. You can see them at my Flickr stream if you're interested (just scroll down the right side bar over here -> and click on the Flickr widget). When I got tired with framing more ATCs, I made a collage with real butterflies. I still have more butterflies to go and plans are ready, but I need to find some good frameing material for them as they would actually require an insect box or some kind of box meant for framing mementos or souvenirs.

Framing butterflies required some work as I didn't want to use glue, and the insect pins were too long for the frame I used. This collage contains an old map, some nice postal stamps, paper butterflies cut from a postcard and a bird and a red passion flower that I printed for this purpose. Originally I had thought I would frame all my butterflies in the same box with scientific names beneath them but then I got an urge to use them for various artistic projects. And here's the first of them. Let's see if I'll ever finish with the remaining projects!

Shay and Susie have been really kind leaving comments on my previous post, so I'm posting a freebie that required awfully lot of work, mainly because I didn't have a template ready made and it's just time consuming to build this kind of templates with free software. Also, editing the images wasn't quickly done as it contains quite (= too) many images! I have spent quite many nights with individual images and I wasn't able to finish it during one day, but it came out more or less as I had planned. :-D It's a crazy mix-match envie with no style at all, but I personally like it. Then again, my taste isn't necessary good taste, so you may be the judges of that. :-) It has been in my hard disk for quite a while already so maybe it's time to release it and let it live its own life.

This has been made for A4 size (200 ppi) but it could be scaled for smaller size. You could probably make it printable in letter size as well. This envelope with geisha, hot air balloon, roses and butterflies is for personal use alone and shouldn't be sold or distributed. You're welcome to print it for mailing your own letters, invitations, mail art and so on. And I do appreciate a link back if you have a blog or if you publish images of printed and folded envies somewhere. ;-)

Let me know if you find it useful! Just click on the image below to open the larger image for downloading.

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  1. What a beautiful collage and marvelous envelope you are sharing! Also, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and your follow up comment. I think guilt may be a part of the grieving process. We do tend to feel regrets and must work through those.

    Anyway, thank you so much!


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