maanantai 16. elokuuta 2010

One million giraffes and a give-away pink giraffe

Here's a challenge for everyone and anyone, and you can do it by any medium except digital. So computer is not allowed for anything else but scanning or sending the final image.

There's a Norwegian guy who is trying to collect 1 million giraffes by the year 2011 and as his web page states today: "I've gotten 974 152 giraffes so far, so I only need 25 848 more and I have 137 days left to get. Please help me!" Let's help him! I first heard about this last night at ATCs for all forum where skyjules had posted the invitation to join.

I just uploaded mine. I already feel guilty for makin only ONE giraffe (yes, I manage to feel guilty just about anything...) so I may have to make some more giraffes in the near future. ;-) Anyone seeing this image can immediately spot that I have hit my glitter stash before starting with the long neck fellow.

I didn't plan my image at all as I just started to make whatever kind of giraffe to be uploaded to the giraffe gallery. So I didn't use any pens or pencils that require a steady hand, I just took my scissors and cut a free form giraffe out of a cardstock of some product package I found, there's ripped paper strips, some acrylic and crackle paint, some cake paper, some stamping and lots of glitter and some plastic beads. Oh, those butterfly wings I happened to find where I keep my papers and cut them out for the giraffe. Just because it's obvious that a giraffe needs to fly too... (isn't it?)

One Million Giraffes

p.s. If anyone happens to want this curled piece of paper with a pink giraffe, just leave a comment to claim it and send your address to me by e-mail (can be found on the left side bar). I would like to get rid of this. Other option would be to throw it away.

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