sunnuntai 15. elokuuta 2010

Thank you Theresa :-)

Only for personal use, not to be sold or distributed in any way.

Here's an other piece from the digital design kit. It's obviously a tag and in png format with transparent background so that it can be integrated in digital designs. If you prefer jpg images for printing, I can transform some items of the kit into print sheets later on. I hope you will be able to use this for something!

We are going slowly but then again I'm in no hurry. Just a bit impatient! ;-)  Anyone reading this should be informed about how to participate so I wrote an introduction on the right side bar. I will release an item belonging to the "La vie en rose" digikit for each comment. It doesn't need to be on any particular post, you can leave the comment on the post you prefer to comment.

I would love to see what people decide to use these for, so I do appreciate a link back or a comment including your site address! I can then add your link on my side bar for others to be able to have a look as well. Take care all of you and have a nice Sunday.

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  1. Oh gosh, this tag is gorgeous!! Glad I posted a comment since this wonderful piece is the result. I didn't know I was such a fan of pink until I saw this LOL! Great work and thanks!!


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